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Breakout Rooms

The Breakout Rooms plugin is used by the host of the meeting to move participants to another sub-room. Once the participant is transferred to the sub-room, he can come back to the main room through the roster menu. There are nine sub-rooms per room.

Watch a demo video here.

How to load this plugin

To load this plugin, download the source code from the Github link here. Once you have this code, move it into the plugins folder of your theme, you should name the folder breakout-rooms.

Once you have copied these files, open the settings.json file inside of your branding package and add the following code to the plugins array.

"id": "breakout-rooms-plugin-1.0",
"srcURL": "plugins/breakout-rooms/breakout-rooms.plugin.package.json",
"enabled": true

Configuring the local policy

For using this plugin we need to define a local policy that will create the sub-rooms on the fly. For this task we need to open the Management node web interface and select the policy manager (Call Control -> Policy Profiles). In this section we will add a new policy of type "Local policy" and copy the next script:

{% set groups = pex_regex_search("^(breakout-room-\d-.*)$", call_info.local_alias ) %}
{% if service_config %}
"action" : "continue",
"result" : {{ service_config | pex_to_json }}
{% else %}
{% if groups %}
"action" : "continue",
"result" : {
"name" : "{{ groups[0] }}",
"service_tag": "breakout-room",
"service_type" : "conference"
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

Don't forget to add the new policy to your Location.

If you have any doubt, visit the sections Create a branding package and Upload to Infinity.