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Direct Chat

Supports Pexip Infinity V31 and later

Allows to send direct chat messages to a specific participant. The messages will only be received by the selected participant. Other participants do not get the messages. A direct messages conversation is indicated by an envelope icon next to the display names in the participant list. New messages are indicated by a green envelope. A chat window can be opened through the participant context menu in the participant list. Each participant is associated with a separate chat window. It is possible to open multiple chat windows at the same time. The chat window title contains the receiving participant name.



Support "direct chat“ via webapp2 plugin


  • Chat window for sending and receiving direct messages
  • Entry in participant context menu in participant list to open chat window
  • Message indicator in participant list



Added participant uuid to dom tree (participant entries) to set the message indicator depending on sender uuid.


The plugin uses the Pexip Infinity direct message API:

Payload example -> {"type":"text/plain","payload":"Some Payload"}

Used library JSFrame (MIT License)


  • Group chats are not supported
  • Does not scale properly on mobile and small window sizes

How to load this plugin

To load this plugin, download the source code from the Github link here. Once you have this code, move it into the plugins folder of your theme, you should name the folder direct-chat-plugin.


The value of the property menuItemText in direct-chat.plugin.js must be exactly the same as the value of the property label in direct-chat.plugin.package.json.

Once you have copied these files, open the settings.json file inside of your branding package and add the following code to the plugins array.

"id": "direct-chat-plugin-1.0",
"srcURL": "plugins/direct-chat-plugin/direct-chat.plugin.package.json",
"enabled": true

If you have any doubt, visit the sections Create a branding package and Upload to Infinity.