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This plugin redirects participants to an external website when they disconnect from a VMR. This is useful for sending participants to surveys or to marketing sites relating to the conference they participated in.

Once you have the plugin deployed this feature will be available on any VMR that you choose. Simply add the redirect query parameter to the Pexip webapp URL when you want to utilize the plugin.

You can add the query param to stock Infinity Connect webapp URL

This allows you redirect a participant to a given URL regardless of what VMR alias they connect to.

Additonally you can use this plugin with preconfigured links which are described here

A URL like this would connect a participant to the VMR named myvmr with the display name Ryan and upon disconnecting from the VMR the participant would be redirected to

Plugin Type


How to load this plugin

To load this plugin, download the source code from the Github link here. Once you have this code, move it into the plugins folder of your theme, you should name the folder survey.

Once you have copied these files, open the settings.json file inside of your branding package and add the following code to the plugins array.

"id": "survey-plugin-1.0",
"srcURL": "plugins/survey/survey.plugin.package.json",
"enabled": true

If you have any doubt, visit the sections Create a branding package and Upload to Infinity.