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Welcome to the Mobile SDKs tutorials. Along these documents you will learn how to create native videoconferencing apps for Android and iOS.

The main difference between these SDKs and the JavaScript SDK are:

  • Better performance: With this SDK you will rid off the WebView and remove this overhead layer.
  • More flexible: You have a lot of events and callbacks that you can use to adapt the your app to different circumstances. For example, when the user receives a new chat message, a participant joins or when the conference ends.
  • Share the screen in a mobile: Nowadays it's not possible to share the screen in a mobile if you are using a browser or a WebView. It's a secure measure implemented by the browsers. The only way to do this is through a native SDK that will request permission to the user to capture his screen.


Before starting any of these tutorials, you will have to comply with the following requisites:

  • Access to a Pexip Infinity deployment: In case you don't have a Pexip Infinity deployment, ask your Pexip sales representative. He will give you information about how to get one.
  • Install valid certificates in Infinity: Our policy is security first and it should be also yours. If self-signed certificates are used, the app will crash and throw an exception.

If you have any trouble during this tutorial, don't hesitate to contact us through our Community Portal.