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Packages overview

Pexip has a number of different client packages that can be used to build video applications with, those packages are published to npm under the Apache 2.0 license and are freely available for anyone to use:


In the sidebar you'll find each package's API documentation.

Brief summary of the packages

componentsPexip Design System - UI components built in React
denoiseNoise suppression
hooksA common collection of reusable logic for React apps
infinity-apiType-safe wrappers for clients v2 rest api.
infinityConnect to Pexip MCU and get and send correctly typed events (including WebRTC call)
media-componentsComponents built in React that are specifically utilized in video applications
media-controlAbstract quirks of handling media devices
media-processorProcess media data
mediaHelps connect media-control and media-processor to create a streamlined media process
peer-connection-statsHelps with normalization of data from RTCStats
peer-connectionWrapper for RTCPeerConnection with @pexip/signal
plugin-apiCreate plugins for Pexip Connect for Web ("Webapp3")
signalSignal and slots
utilsGeneric utility functions