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Request Developer License

Welcome to the Pexip developer license registration. This license is primarily for developers that would like to create applications on top of Pexip Infinity, the leading video conference software for flexible secure deployments. This license can also be used for a personal lab by individuals wanting to learn more about Pexip Infinity.

The software can be downloaded here.

The Infinity license is needed for software activation and will allow most functions to be activated for testing.

Register to receive:
  • Platform license
  • 5 ports
  • 5 VMRs
  • 3 audio licenses
  • 1 Microsoft gateway license
  • 1 Google gateway license
  • 1 scheduling license
  • 1 One-Touch Join license

The licenses are provided for development or testing/training only and cannot be used for production, demo, PoC or other activities for revenue-generating purposes.

The free licenses will only be supported by an online community forum. For direct support, please contact sales for Pexip partnership programs.

This submission will activate Pexip Infinity for 6 free months and can be renewed after 5 months of download and activation.

Request Developer License

General Pexip documentation (Design/Install/Configuration etc.):

Integration and APIs: