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One-Touch Join for Pexip Service provides an API that can be used to get a list of the next meetings for a video system.


In order to use the One-Touch Join API the following must be setup:

Using the API


We recommend that you generate a unique tracking identifier for each API request. This tracking identifier can be used when contacting Pexip support if an issue should arrise. This identifier should be sent in a X-Tracking-Id HTTP header.

Rate Limits

The One-Touch Join APIs use IP-based rate limiting. Each public IP address supports up to 500 unique clients. We recommend that each client sends one request per minute, but must not send more than 10 requests per minute. If the limits are exceeded then the APIs will return a 429 Too Many Requests response.


The One-Touch Join API uses the OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant flow to obtain an access token that can be used to access the Meetings API.

To get an access token a request must be made to POST The client ID and secret generated in the Pexip Control Center are required to be sent in the Authorization header using the Basic authentication scheme. The response will include an access token that is used in the Meetings API request. Each access token is valid for one hour.

Further information regarding how to request an access token are detailed in the Meetings API specification.

Get Meetings

The Meetings API is used to get the next meetings in the mailbox calendar associated with the video system. To get the meetings a request must be made to GET

The access token retrieved from the OAuth token endpoint must be sent in the authorization header using the Bearer authentication scheme. Keep using the same access token until the meetings request fails with a 401 Unauthorized response, at which point a new access token should be requested and the request retried.

Further information regarding how to request meeting data is detailed in the Token API specification.


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